Count Peter Zrinski enter the economic Čabar spirit - built a castle and forge


The most beautiful place with many opportunities for tourism development


Gerovo is surrounded by high mountains and dense forests


The oldest place of Čabar; gate to Europe and the world

Mali Lug

Peter Klepac "Mountain Giant" homeland


partment David is located in Srednja Draga near Tršće, near the ski center Rudnik. Tršće, only place with the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful mountain village of Gorski Kotar and Croatian. In summer, green forests and fields, and winter snow white peaks and valleys, fresh air and unspoiled nature, affability and diligence og Goran people win every one who comes in Tršće. Apartment David owns by Ozbolt family, and they will warmly welcome you and provide the vacation you always wanted.


  • 2 double rooms for a total of 6 people
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • bathroom with shower
  • TV
  • heating
  • parking
  • internet coverage
  • 1 km away from Tršće
  • 1 km away from SKI center Rudnik


  • double room for a total of 4 persons
  • bathroom with shower
  • TV
  • heating
  • parking
  • internet coverage
  • 1 km away from Tršće
  • 1 km away from SKI center Rudnik

calendar of events

  • Plešce - fishing contest
  • Prezid - Easter (local custom)
  • Plešce - memorial soccer tournament
  • Ravnice - Holy Mass in the Church of Visitation of Mary and the bowling tournament
  • soccer league
  • choosing the most beautiful balcony and environment
  • parish day Čabar
  • parish day Prezid
  • parish day Plešce and Youth Fire Memorial
  • cycle ski club "Rudnik" Tršće
  • Cabar - sport fishing competition
  • Smrečje - international car race
  • Mali Lug - Sveta Ana
  • Kozji Vrh - Croatina and Sloveninan meeting of herbalist
  • Summer Festival of employees of city Čabar
  • archery european cup
  • Lividraga - Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day of Croatian soldiers, the feast of Our Lady of the Snows, the day lumberyard and Čabar city forester, review of old customs
  • Žalosni Vrh - forgiveness of sin with the Great Lady
  • Gerovo - the feast of St. Rok
  • Tršće - cycle
  • Gerovo - the day of the parish
  • Vode - the feast of St. Stephen
  • Čabar & Gerovo - indoor soccer tournament
  • Sveta Gora (shrine) - the three-day feast of Our Lady
  • Prezid - sooccer tournament
  • tennis tournament
  • Day of Cabar (12. 9.)
  • Athletic races, the championship of chess
  • Tršće - winner announcement in the choice of the most beautiful balcony and environment
  • kitchen day
  • Feast of All Saints
  • Hrib - the day of the parish
  • Tršće - the day of the parish (30. 11.)
  • St. Nicholas gives children
  • the declaration of athletes
  • traditional meeting at the border crossing Prezid - Babno polje
  • Christmas Eve and New Years

Ski school and tennis school


In cooperation with DŠR "Franjošport" Apartment David organized ski school and tennis school teachers with the professional guidance of skiing and tennis coach, rent and service ski equipment and tennis equipment. In relation to any information or questions please contact us at the above phone numbers or e-mail.